BBC3 Hairstudios

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Meet the team...


Vaso is the charismatic owner of BBC3 and the creative director. She has been in the industry for 30 years and is an absolute perfectionist, with a prestigious client base. She can create the ultimate individualised look and is an all-round styling genius, excelling in all areas. Vaso is also a hair extensions and wig specialist.


Anna is an accomplished classic stylist, with over 35 years hairdressing experience. She has a great passion and enthusiasm for her work and her loyal clients love her meticulous attention to detail.


Kaycee has worked for BBC3 since 2010 and is a young and talented stylist. She has developed into a great colourist and is wonderful at highlights. She was promoted from a graduate stylist in 2014 and is steadily building up her own base of loyal clients. She is fully trained in Balayage and Nano Keratin treatments and is a Great Lengths extensions and wig specialist.


Andre is our receptionist and is the welcoming face of BBC3. She is always cheerful and friendly and happy to assist each and every client.


With over 30 years experience, Tony excels at both traditional and creative cutting. His technique is classic modern and he is also a wet shave specialist.


Antonio is an innovative senior stylist from Italy, with an abundance of skills and experience including previously participating in the prestigious L’Oreal Colour Trophy competition. He is passionate about hairdressing as it allows him to express his creativity and specialises in highlights, glamorous blow-dries and precision cuts.